Pediatric and Adult Dentistry in Essex, MD and Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Agnes Alignay, D.D.S. provides pediatric and adult dentistry services in Essex, MD and Silver Spring, MD. She and her team offer a wide range of treatments – from dental cleaning and other preventative services to fillings, dental implants, partial and complete dentures and porcelain veneers.

Implant Restorations
This procedure, which is used to replace missing teeth, is fast growing in popularity in dentist’s offices.

Complete and Partial Dentures
Let our specialists help you regain your smile with full or partial dentures.

Dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth with this innovative, long-lasting procedure.

Dental Cleaning
Keep your family’s smiles healthy and bright with frequent dental cleanings.

Crowns and Bridges
Dr. Alignay and her team have extensive experience in the fitting and implementation of dental crowns and bridges.

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