Dental Cleaning

General Family Dentistry and Cleaning in Silver Spring and Baltimore

Dental cleaning is one of the most important aspects of general dentistry, and is a standard part of most check-ups; it’s recommended every 6 months, in order to prevent periodontal disease and to keep teeth strong and clean.

Dental cleaning typically takes about half an hour. It involves an examination of your teeth by a dental hygienist, followed by the use of special tools to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth. After all of the plaque is removed, the hygienist will then thoroughly polish each tooth using a polishing brush and a flavored paste, to remove surface stains. The result is a smoother, brighter smile, and teeth that look and feel their best.

If you’re looking for a family dentist who provides dental cleaning in Essex or Silver Spring, MD, look no further than Dr. Agnes Alignay, D.D.S. Our team will help keep your smile healthy for years to come.